Nartan School of Dance


Teaching Indian Dances in Ventura County, CA

In-person dance lessons are available at Nartan Dance School. We teach various Indian dances in Ventura County, CA, including Bharatanatyam and Bollywood. Register for our classes, and learn the basics and advanced dance forms along with different Indian values, cultures, and stories from Guru Smt. Khushbu Dalsania. We offer lessons to women aged 3 to 65.

About Indian Dances

Indian dances are one of the most significant parts of India’s culture. The different folk and classical dance forms portray the diversity and highlight the differences between the various traditions of every state in India. Dance is seen as a means of aesthetic pleasure and a means for establishing ties and a specific structure in the community. It has traditionally been an important part of religion and culture in India. Dancing is one of the most revered Hindu arts because it incorporates melody, drama, form, and line. Indian dance is performed wearing very specific traditional costumes. Through dance, we demonstrate authentic characters and stories from traditional Indian culture.
Teaching Indian values, cultures, and stories through dances, Nartan Dance School (Nrutya Mandir) in Camarillo, CA, has provided a platform to connect with other South Asians for kids and adults who attend our school. Students learn classical dances for 8 to 10 years and showcase them at Nartan Dance School’s Annual Dance Recital, a huge graduation ceremony where they invite their family and friends of all cultural backgrounds. Such an event gives these dancers a chance to represent their culture and art to their teachers and friends.
Being part of the local scene and community, Nartan Dance School has donated to local science museums and volunteered many hours teaching Indian dances at local schools and Girl Scout groups. Our dance school has also taken part in local carnivals and sponsored local events and fundraisers for local organizations since 2013.

Racial Equalities

Nartan Dance School has been blessed with students from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds. We are proud to have Baha’i, Jews, Hindu, Sikh, Catholic, and Islamic students take dance lessons and share their own traditions and celebrate Indian traditions with us. Our students enjoy learning surprising similarities and differences between many cultures we all come from and cherish them with an open heart as we dance together.

Annual Recital

At a local high school performing arts center, we showcase Nartan Dance School’s Annual Dance Recital. This dance program has grown in scale over the past five years and has developed an enthusiastic audience of friends, colleagues, and the wider community from across the county. Not only is it a liberating and enriching experience to witness a culture from millions of miles away, but it can also be an educational experience for the whole family.
Woman With Traditional Costume
Performers On Stage
Children Dancing Classical Indian Dance