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Welcome to the Nartan School of Dance. We are back at our dance studio in Ventura County, CA, and offering in-person dance classes for women aged 3 to 65. Whether you want to learn Bharatanatyam or Indian Folk dance, our dance teacher Khushbu Dalsania is here to help. Call us at (805) 814-0976 today to register.

Established in 2013

Free Classes Offered Once a Year for Registration

About Guru Smt. Khushbu Dalsania

Born and raised in India, Khushbu has been rigorously trained in the classical Indian dance style of the Bharatanatyam-Tanjore quartet. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for choreography and dance performances. Khushbu is known for Bharatanatyam dance, offering lessons with sheer grace, rhythm, and fluidity.
In the past, Khushbu had the pleasure of working with Arya Dance Academy in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, teaching Bollywood, Indian Folk, and Bharatanatyam dance classes. She takes pride in blessing her numerous students on performing their graduation dance recital ceremony (Arangetram). She has been running Nartan Dance School in Camarillo, CA, since 2013 and maintains her passion for teaching the divine form of classical Indian dance.
Dance has always been in Khushbu’s life as soul food, and she truly believes in passing on this art form to the next generation with tenderness. Nartan Dance School follows its updated modern ways to reach new generations at their level and cultivate their love for dance in them.
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