Serena Ghodasra
Having been Khushbudidi’s student, I have developed skills that will always remain with me because of her sincere, methodical and involved approach to teaching dance. Nartan is not just about dancing to delicate yet powerful beats nor is it just about opening your eyes to a culture filled with beauty, but it also about finding self-respect and hidden abilities. Every year I spent at Nartan allowed me to flourish into a human being with even more phonerotica vr videos potential than the year before. I have been able to achieve bigger and harder goals because I was taught to push myself until I gained self-satisfaction.
This unbreakable tie to Nartan has strengthened my morals and has also increased my performance ability in school. Because I had this special outlet to relieve my stress of school, I looked forward to it every week. If I were not a part of Nartan Dance Academy, I would only be half the person that I am today. Preparing for my Arangetram has taught me discipline and vigor, which are essential elements of Bharatanatyam, and an appreciation for the level of understanding required to successfully present this art on stage.
Even in college, dancing and choreographing dances for the Diwali show has become a highlight of my week as it lets me express my creativity and reduces stress, along with getting to meet some great friends who share my passion that I will never be able to let go of.
Khushboo Bhatia
Dance has always been an integral part of my life. At the age of 5, I took my first ballet class. From there I went on to learn tap dance until I found my true passion in Bharatnatyam dance at the age of 7. What I loved about Bharatnatyam was that each dance told a story. Each expression, hand movement, and step held their own unique meaning, and I wanted to make sure that I got each one just right that way I could portray each story with its due justice. Working my way up to my Aarangetram required a lot of hard work and countless hours of practice. But the discipline that Bharatnatyam provided me has helped me beyond dancing and has carried over into my work and school as well. After completing my Aarangetram, I taught Bharatnatyam dance classes for four years at Nartan School of Bharatnatyam- NJ and shared my love for this dance form with all of my students. Though I have been unable to teach dance these past couple years due to my academic commitments, I hope to be able to restart my dancing career once I graduate from college!
Pooja Rambhia
I started dance at 6 years old and had my arangetram at 16. I’ve always had a passion so after my arangetram, I am the head choreographer at my school’s Indian Cultural Society. I have choreographed dances for performances for 4 years in high school and have won within the top 3 all four years. Bharatnatyam has taught me an incredible amount of grace and diversity within my own culture. With 10 years of experience, I can continue to choreograph dances as a teacher and as a hobby.
Paulomi Banerjee
Under the guidance of Khushbu, I first became passionate about Bharatnatyam. Every week I would look forward to clas and the opportunity to learn dance steps, expressions and mudras from Khushbu. Oer the years I learned that Khushbu is not only a wonderful teacher, but also a very patient and happy person to be around. It was phonerotica vr videos because pf her teaching that I went on to have my Aarnagetram years later ans I am so thankful for that. Miss you Khushbu Diddi! Hope you enjoy teaching again.
Anuradha Datla
I always had passion for south Indian classical dances, but couldn’t pursue it in India. When I came to America I followed my dreams at the age of 38 and joined Khushbu’s Bharatanatyam classes in NJ. I was rigorously trained and guided by her in every step of my training. She taught me everything she knew. Without her my dream wouldn’t become a reality. She is my Guru and a good friend. I am thankful to her forever. After completing my Vishaarad, I taught Bharatnatyam dance classes for four years at Nartan School of Bharatnatyam- NJ and shared my love for this dance form with all of my students. Khushbu Dalsania is an excellent dancer and teacher. She is very passionate. Kind and artistic. She is naturally talented, gifted and blessed by lord Nataraja. Khushbu also teaches folk and fusion dances. She is an accomplished dancer. Kids always loved her and showered her with smiles and hugs. I am so happy to know that she has started her own dance school in CA. I want to congratulate her and wish her good luck. Thank you Khushbu. Wishing you success.
Yesha Dave
Since my arangetram, I have been choreographing small dances for primarily family events. Although I have not been able to teach, I do want to try to teach while in college. I’m going to Temple University next year and hopefully i will try to get involved in some type of dancing program in Philly or at Temple. Bharatnatyam has been a huge influence in my life because of all of the skills, knowledge and experience it has provided me. I now have stamina, more artistic and cultural knowledge and leadership skills along with a solid degree in dancing. I use my knowledge and experience from bharatnatyam in many different things but most importantly in my culture. I love to do garba, Bhangra, raas, and I love dancing to anything at any time in general.
Reetu Depani
After learning Bharatnatyam for eight years and graduating form Nartan at Arya dance academy, I continued to explore other types of dance such as bolly wood at Moksha Dance Academy. Here I preformed at local shows such as Diwali and Mela’s. I continued to dance and for two years and spent my free time teaching the little kids class at Moksha, bollywood dance. Upon entering college at Temple University, I joined Agni and Dhadhkan, which are collegiate dance teams. The new people I met on these teams helped me explore even more types of dance such as hip hop, contemporary, and all types of authentic Bhangra. With my time on these teams, we competed in national dance competitions all over the country from Houston, TX to Manhattan, NY. I was recently the manager of Temple Agni, an all female indian fusion dance team. I now hope to explore even more different dance styles and join a garba raas team in the following year.
Sona Dadhania
I started dancing Bharatnatyam with Nartan at the age of seven, and I definitely believe that Bharatnatyam, and dancing in general, has changed my life for the better. Though Bharatnatyam may seem a little intimidating and difficult at the beginning, Khushbu Bhabhi helped to ease students of all ages into the complex movements, nuanced expressions, and intricate stories that comprise Bharatnatyam. Bharatnatyam not only enhanced my overall athleticism, which is needed to perform the long dances of Bharatnatyam, but also transformed me into an expressive storyteller capable of conveying entire messages and stories through dance alone, a feat that few other dance forms could claim. Bharatnatyam instilled in me a sense of discipline and determination while also being an enjoyable and fun hobby that allowed me to express myself. My many years of training culminated with my Bharatnatyam Arangetram in 2013, and though the path to my Arangetram wasn’t the easiest, it was a journey and event that will always be a major highlight of my life.
Thanks to Nartan, Bharatnatyam, and my teachers like KhushbuBhabhi, dance has become an important and unforgettable part of my life. Bharatnatyam introduced me to other dance forms like Bhangra, Raas-Garba, Hip-Hop, and Bollywood which I enjoy along with my true love, Bharatnatyam, and Bharatnatyam’s uniqueness and skills helped to make me a better dancer in these other styles as well. In the next year, I will be moving to Philadelphia, and I hope to pursue my love of dancing through one of the University of Pennsylvania’s many dance teams and vibrant cultural scene. Eventually, I hope to become an active dancer, choreographer, and teacher like Khushbu Bhabhi, in the hopes that I can spread my love of Bharatnatyam to many more people.
Radha Jayesh Mehta
I started Indian classical dancing since I was seven years old. Switching from teacher to teacher, I ended up taking Bharatnatyam classes with Nartan at the age of fourteen. At first, I was worried about learning a familiar form of art in a new environment. However, Khushbu Didi welcomed me with open arms and made the transition for me very smooth. She took the time to teach me ways I could improve my movements and expression so I could become a better storyteller. As I worked towards completing my Aarangetram, which took hours of practice and discipline, I started to grow a new appreciation for Bharatnatyam. Khushbu Didi provided the support I needed to prepare me for the big day as she worked with me during my hours of practices. After I completed my Aarangetram, I continued dancing for pleasure. Although I do not dance as much as I used to, I hope I will be able to start my own classes in the future, applying the strategies and guidance Khushbu Didi gave me.